For small business owners, if a customer places an item in a cart, then it’s normally a purchase! Except when it isn’t. Potential customers might abandon their carts and simply not buy what’s in them for a variety of reasons, but every reason is a source of lost wages for the owner.

However, there are several ways to ensure that people don’t forget about their purchases and instead try to persuade them that what’s in the cart is worth buying.  One of these is through abandoned cart emails.

These emails are sent to customers after a certain period of time (such as 2-3 days) and offer a reminder of what was in the cart along with notifications of any sales or discounts that can be used. The emails help because they jog the customer’s memory, and if they really want the item, then they will go back and attempt to purchase it from the marketing carts.

For most people, they don’t buy because the website either crashed or timed out, and they just didn’t want to spend the time and effort needed to get back on. Having a friendly email sent out can allow for the customer to instantly be redirected to their shopping cart and complete the purchase.

marketing carts

These emails don’t have to be long and are often quite short, and all they need is great copy to hook the reader’s attention and jog their memories about the cart. Then they can include a link to the cart and with one click the reader is back there and is able to buy their items with no trouble.

If a lot of carts are being abandoned by customers, don’t write it off, but instead try to send out a few reminder emails. After all, if people didn’t want to buy your items, they probably wouldn’t have carted them in the first place.