It is the debate of the century and one that pizza enthusiasts take very seriously. Does pineapple really belong on pizza? Some people offer a resounding yes to the question. They love the sweet and sour flavor that pops out against the crust. Other people think that it is the devil’s work and that eating pineapple on pizza should be a criminal act. So which is the truth of the matter? Does pineapple go on pizza or should you leave it for the fruit salad? This may be a debate that never ends, but only time will tell. We’ll shed some truth to the matter before you go.

The truth of this long debate shall set you free. It will minimize those arguments and help you better decide if this topping is one acceptable to put on the pizza when you’re among the crowds. It makes it easier to call the pizza place to get a delivery and getting the pizza slice that everyone wants to taste. So what is that answer? Enough beating around the bush already, as it is time to get to the truth of the matter and get the answer that you want about this long-going debate.

pizza countryside il

Your pizza is just that: your pizza. If you like pineapples on top, throw on the pineapples. If you don’t like pineapples, leave them off. Pineapples go anywhere that you want them to go because they taste so sweet an amazing wherever they’re placed. Who is to say that any topping is right for pizza, aside from the chest that originally topped the pie?  When it is time to grub on pizza countryside il, all that matters is that it tastes great to you with each bite. When pineapples make you smile, it is pineapples that your pizza shall get.